(Listen to the song that inspired my blog title here).  This week, we’re all about Racuchy or Polish-style pancakes with raspberries. 


These pancakes were a mixed bag, on the one hand, they were delicious, on the other, they were kind of a pain to make.  (You can find the original recipe here).  I think that some of the issues I had were due to errors in conversion when I changed the recipe from weight to volume, but I think I’ve adjusted my recipe enough to account for these errors and also made some other tweaks that should make for better pancaking in general.  (You can get my recipe from my recipe box!)


(mmmm, raspberries)

So the main “pro” of these pancakes are that they are delicious.  The pancakes are soft, delicate, and lightly sweet from the powdered sugar.  The raspberries are a bright flavor contrast and offer a pretty awesome zing that stands out really well against the pancakes…I may have eaten the entire batch of pancakes and not shared with anyone, so, interpret that however you want…


The main cons to these pancakes were that they were so so soft that they were almost impossible to flip and would get all squidged together when I tried to turn them.  In fact, only about 2 of the pancakes came out unscathed (those would be the top 2 on the stack in my picture).  The others all came out…ugly (but still tasty!)—so really, me eating the ruined ones was for my photographic and journalistic integrity.

3.75 out of 5 stackies (more for the execution than anything else):imageimageimageimage


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