Off the Griddle with Ihopapotamus at…the Golden Reef

Hello pancake fans – excited to be here! This Ihopapotamus ventured all the way to good old Nassau County, New York for the Golden Reef Diner. It’s in Rockville Centre to be specific (south shore of LONGISLAND). I wrote Long Island as one word, as it’s pronounced! You’re welcome.

(from Google Maps!)

The Golden Reef is located on a strip of Sunrise Highway with countless other diners. Having been to quite a few of them, I can vouch for the Golden Reef as being one of the best diners, maybe even the best on the Island. You should go just to see the gelato bar (seriously gorgeous and made me regret not having room when offered free samples for ogling). The omelets are absolutely huge and definitely worth it. My first trip I had a prosciutto and white cheddar omelet and my second trip I dived into silver dollar pancakes. Both were really, really good.

(photo from yelp)

I’ve been to places where I’ve enjoyed the silver dollars more than the actual pancakes, so I knew I wanted to try the big people sized pancakes for a review of the diner. I’ll start by saying the decor of the diner is standard, it’s very clean and has the usual diner charm that you expect from a classic place. The staff is very friendly and attentive and service is fast. Big points.


ANYWAY, I ordered the pancakes. I struggled not to order from the specialty list as they were serving pumpkin pancakes. So seasonal, very fall. We have fun. Seriously though, Oreo pancakes and red velvet pancakes tempted me, but I like to keep it classic. And under 3000 calories. Probably.


The pancakes I ordered were incredible large, so I was glad I ordered a short stack. I’m a butter gal and the butter they served was perfectly room temperature. Don’t you hate trying to “spread” ice-cold butter? Me too. These pancakes are everything I want pancakes to be: huge, light, soft, fluffy, and more importantly, really delicious. I’d give up texture for taste, but I didn’t have to here. I really cannot say enough how good these were. I’m getting hungry thinking about it.


My only real gripe with Golden Reef was that the pancakes come with a jar of fake maple-ish syrup. You know, the stuff that’s actually sugar syrup with some caramel coloring and maple extract. This is fine and I understand that a lot of people have no idea that it’s not real maple syrup, and that people actually like this stuff, but they sell real maple syrup containers for a few bucks on the menu! You can get a little container of 100% maple syrup if you pay a little extra, which I didn’t because I don’t put maple syrup on pancakes anyway, so there.


(also, a delicious omelette)

I’m awarding Golden Reef Diner 4.5 Bunyans because it was one of the best pancake meals I’ve ever had, everything about the meal itself was friendly and fast, and there was always water in my glass. Pancake on, my friends.


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