There’s No Way Like Norway

A few months ago, my sister mentioned that she was drinking kefir, we had a brief discussion on what kefir is (a fermented milk drink made with “kefir grains”…check wikipedia) and what it tasted like, I filed it away in the “hmm, maybe I should make pancakes with this” part of my brain and sort of forgot about it.

Until, of course, I found a recipe for Norwegian Pancakes (lapper) that used kefir! (Get the original here and see my version over at my recipe box.)

Taste-wise, these were pretty good. The kefir can be interchanged with buttermilk, but the pancakes were plenty rich already, so I think buttermilk may be overwhelming.  The pancakes also came out super fluffy which is always exciting.

(a sideview to show fluffiness)

On the con side, the pancakes were super plain, almost bland.  Once I added some lingonberry jam the pancakes were really good, but I had a hard time eating more than one.  I think adding some zest to the batter would definitely be key.  

2.75 out of 5 stackies:


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