People Who Live in Gingerbread Houses…

…should keep the theme going and make gingerbread pancakes.  There’s a moral in there, right?  Anyway, it doesn’t really get more holiday-y than gingerbread pancakes (at least in my humble pancaking opinion).  If you’ve got ingredients to make gingerbread, then you might as well keep that holiday flavor going with these pancakes, right?

Get the original recipe here, and my version here (which makes a smaller batch)

You’ll notice that the batter is fairly light in color (at least for gingerbread), and was about the same shade as a milky latte.  I was a little worried that the pancakes wouldn’t taste as gingerbread-y since the batter wasn’t as dark, but my fears ended up totally unfounded.  Oh, also, even though the batter looks like a latte, it’s super thick. SUPER THICK. Definitely not something you want to drink.

I couldn’t resist trying to make gingerbread men shaped pancakes, but it was definitely a bit of a trial.  I’ve seen pancake molds (like these), but I opted just to use a gingerbread man cookie cutter that I happened to have. The cookie cutter worked but it was not ideal and I definitely burned my fingertips…oh well.  Also, because the batter was so dense, if a pancake was even a bit on the thick side, it tended to get burned.

Taste-wise, those gingerbread spices definitely came through.  The pancakes are not as intense as gingerbread cookies, but the complete flavor profile is definitely there.  For me, what kept these from being true all-star pancakes was the texture, the pancakes were dense and a bit chewy, not ideal, especially since I prefer my pancakes super fluffy.  Still, I would make these pancakes again, if only for their absolute holiday appropriateness.

4 out of 5 stackies: imageimageimageimage


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