Tickle Your Palat…schinken

Palatschinken are sort of like Austria’s answer to the French crepe, and they are delicious.  There’s actually a whole bunch of crepe-like pancakes from eastern/central Europe.  Besides palatschinken, there are palačinka (found in Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republich, Serbia, Slovenia, and Macedonia), Slovakian palacinka, and hungarian palacsinta, to name just a few.

(Get the original recipe here and my version here)

If you’re looking for a quick crepe recipe in a pinch, definitely check this recipe out – the recipe is super simple and easy to whip up.  Part of the reason why palatschinken are easier to work with are: (1) the batter doesn’t need to rest so you can use it right away, and (2) the batter is a bit thicker than that for crepes so the pancakes are slightly heartier and less prone to tearing.

And, like crepes, the flavor of the palatschinken is pretty mild lending themselves to a variety of toppings.  I went with a drizzle honey, a squeeze of lime, and just a light sprinkling of powdered sugar.  These would be just as delicious with fresh fruit, jams/jellies, nutella, peanut butter….you get the idea.

3.75 out of 5 stackies: 


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