Mile High Rocky Road Pancakes – Go Broncos!!

I’m not sure what the cross-section is between fancakes and broncos fans, but I’m officially making this a Broncos zone.  Skip to my recipe here.

(excuse the smeared cream, the pancakes were hot!)

I have to confess that I’m totally an “adopted” Broncos fan, the fiance is a true member of Broncos country and somehow I’ve absorbed some of his fandomness…osmosis? That’s a thing, right. Anyway, back to pancakes.

(from Wikipedia)

I was debating between a couple of different ideas for Colorado/Broncos-themed pancakes but ultimately, I went with some super fluffy rocky road ice cream inspired ones.  Classically, rocky road is made with nuts, chocolate, and marshmallows and I basically did the same thing except that I substituted whipped cream for the marshmallows.

Rocky Road = Rocky Mountains = Broncos…that’s the chain I was going for…

And, to make these a mile high, I added some extra leaveners to the recipe so the pancakes would fluff up more.  Adding the chocolate and nuts will cause the pancakes to fall a little, but they’re so fluffy to start with that you still end up with a nice fluffy stack of pancakes.

Oh, and don’t worry too much about what type of nuts you use. I just used whatever I had laying around the kitchen (a mix of ground pecans and chopped peanuts) and it turned out perfectly crunchy and delicious.

3.75 out of 5 stackies: 


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