The Buckwheat Stops Here!

Two confessions:

  1. Sorry this is late! I went skiing yesterday and when I remembered to post last night, tumblr just wasn’t having it…
  2. I have no idea what that title is supposed to mean but it made me randomly giggle.


This week I made buckwheat crepes (get the original recipe from David Lebovitz and see mine here).  After the Clinton St pancakes last week, I wanted try another classic pancake/crepe recipe.  Buckwheat crepes are super versatile and delicious.  I tried the crepes 4 ways:

  • nutella
  • lemon and honey
  • jam
  • butter and sugar
  • fried egg and cheese

imageEvery topping was delicious – of course the simple butter and sugar and honey and lemon combos were so so good, but you can basically put anything on top of a buckwheat crepe.  Toss some lightly coated mesclun salad under that egg and you’ve got a pretty fancy lunch going!

imageThe crepe batter does need to rest overnight but besides that, the batter is super easy to put together and the pancakes are really easy to work with (aka they don’t rip very easily!)

4 out of 5 stackies: imageimageimageimage


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