Happy Pancake Day!!

Hey Fancakes!!

From all of us at So You Think You Can Pancake, have a happy pancake day!  If you’re wondering what pancake day is all about, I can give you 2 quick rationales for why this day exists:

  1. Shrove Tuesday aka Mardi Gras aka Pancake Day (today 3/4/14) is the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday (which is the start of Lent).  As I understand it, traditionally, during Lent people would sacrifice things including eating certain types of foods (often the fatty, delicious ones).  So, to eat up all those delicious ingredients, they would often make pancakes, thus Pancake Day!
(photo from IHOP!)
  1. If you’re not religiously inclined but still want to celebrate, IHOP has declared today to be “National Pancake Day.”  It’s actually a really cool idea, you can go get a free short stack of pancakes at any IHOP and then anything you decide to “pay” gets donated to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.  Since 2006, IHOP has raised around $13 million for charitable giving and their goal this year is $3 million.

Basically, for whatever reason you’d like, GO GET YOUR PANCAKE ON!


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