Off the Griddle with Ihopapotamus at…The Griddle Cafe

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Hi Fancakes, I am East Coast born and bred, so I decided to use a trip to LA to see how they pancake on the other side of the country.

griddle cafe
(from google maps)
The Griddle Cafe is on a pretty busy street in Hollywood, which probably explains why it was crowded at 9:30am on a Tuesday. I know the Ihopapotamus is supposed to sample any available drink specials, and there were about a dozen drink specials available, but…I have a policy of not drinking alcohol before I get on an airplane, and my flight was later in the day, so we stuck with coffee. But! They serve the coffee in individual French presses. Nice touch.
Back to the pancakes. There were also about a dozen to choose from, plus eggs, omelets, french toast…the menu was extensive. I ordered the BLUESberry pancakes (blueberry pancakes topped with blueberry sour cream) and my boyfriend ordered The Golden Ticket, banana pancakes with caramel, walnuts and streusel topped with whipped cream, more caramel and more streusel. Most of the specialty pancakes were along this line of insanity. You want Oreos in your pancakes? You can get that. Frosted Flakes? No problem. Wilford Brimley warning video about diabeetus? Should be mandatory viewing upon entry.
THESE PANCAKES WERE HUGE. If you can’t tell from the photos, those are three dinner plate-sized pancakes stacked on top of each other and topped with a pile of cream. The blueberry pancakes were nice and fluffy with a good berry distribution. The blueberry sour cream just sort of tasted like blueberry yogurt and didn’t add much.
The Golden Ticket pancakes were extremely sweet, which was to be expected, and the streusel contributed a nice crunch.
It’s hard for me to fairly assess The Griddle Cafe because I don’t think I went in with the right mindset. We were sort of in a rush, weren’t in a particularly decadent mood and had eaten solid food in the previous 24 hours. Seriously, I think finishing a whole stack should be a challenge on Man vs. Food. I could barely finish one pancake. From what I could discern under the blizzard of cream and sugar, the pancakes themselves were pretty good. I’m not dreaming about them, but if I found myself on Sunset Blvd. again I would revisit The Griddle Cafe and split a stack of their plain buttermilk pancakes with a friend.
3 out of 5 Paul Bunyans: Untitled1Untitled1Untitled1

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