Off the Griddle with Ihopapotamus at…the Honolua Store

(Editor’s Note: This week, it’s MC bringing you a pancake review all the way from Hawaii!)

honolua sign

Hey Fancakes,

I went to Maui for my Spring Break (/an early graduation present from my mom) and there was a general store of sorts right next to my hotel, and it had a little restaurant/to-go place in it!  So my mom and I went for breakfast one morning, and being the good Ihopapotamus that I am, I ordered pancakes.

honolua map


(from Google maps)

I got banana pancakes, seemed fitting for Hawaii, but I was not a fan.  First of all, it was plain pancakes with bananas on top.  I was expecting a banana pancake, with bananas in the batter not a plain pancake with a cut up banana on top.  Second, the pancake itself wasn’t very good.  It was bland and overcooked—like the pan was too hot when they were cooked so the outside tasted a little burned to me.


Obviously, I was pretty disappointed with it.  I’m going with 1 Paul Bunyan.  I wouldn’t order them again but they were edible.

1 out of 5 Paul Bunyans: Untitled1

honolua store

(picture of the front of the store)


(picture of a bird that sat next to my table and stared me down for food, which when I tossed some pancake its way, more birds flocked over and stole the food and then wouldn’t leave me alone until I gave them more food)


(side view of the menu, there was a line and it was hard to get a direct picture of the menu, which was hanging up above the counter)


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