Off the Griddle with Ihopapotamus at…3 Guys Restaurant

Effortless Pancaking. After a long Saturday night in New York City, one should not expect to accomplish anything of remote importance on Sunday. The first – and perhaps only – task should be engorging a carb-loaded meal.

(photo from This Week in New York)

On a recent Sunday morning I didn’t find pancakes. Pancakes found me. There would be no valiant march downtown to a Michelin-star brunch. There could only be the all-American concept of delivery breakfast. And the purveyor of flapjacks was 3 Guys at 96th Street and Madison Avenue in the Upper East Side.


(map from google maps!)

The pancakes at Three Guys are typical diner fare.  I ordered a stack of regular pancakes, without the frills of strawberries or chocolate chips, which come three to a stack. At first glance the pancakes looked undercooked. There was very little darkness to the surface or edge of each flapjack. But they were actually light and fluffy, without any of the runniness that condemns an undercooked pancake. The accouterments of Aunt Jemima syrup and Land-O-Lakes butter, coupled with a side of bacon, satisfied expectations.

syrup and butter

The pancakes at Three Guys hold up well in a metal and plastic delivery tin. They arrived warm and ready to be transferred directly into my stomach. Be sure to request any syrup or butter, as the food arrived without any condiments. A side order of some kind is recommended as well, as the ‘cakes are not very large. Perhaps five inches in diameter. That’s a circumference of 5π for any math wizards out there.


Prices are in step with the neighborhood. An order of three regular pancakes will run about nine dollars. A side of bacon costs another five. It is the right amount of food to cradle me into a late morning nap.

Required: Internet, bank account, couch.

3 out of 5 Paul Bunyans: Untitled1Untitled1Untitled1


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