More like Panberries…amirite?

Cranberry Sauce + Pancakes = Panberries…just go with it.

I started thinking about what I should make today and with Thanksgiving right around the corner, I figured it would be good to have a recipe to help use up some leftovers!


I decided to target the cranberry sauce and after a quick google search (original recipe from The Kitchn) and some tinkering, I came up with a pretty good recipe! On their own, the pancakes are slightly sweet and perfect for snacking. I made regular sized pancakes but if you made them as silver dollars, they would be perfect for some all day snackage.


(thank goodness the cranberry sauce can came with directions…)

Texturally, the pancakes are pretty soft and fluffy. Not super fluffy because the cranberry sauce weighs it down a little, but still moderately fluffy. I think a handful of pecans or walnuts would’ve gone really well with the pancakes. I did make a little cranberry sauce reduction (or just fancied up the canned sauce) that I poured on top of the pancakes and it was delicious.


I noticed a lot of the recipes I saw online used someone’s “mother’s famous sauce’ or “aunt betty’s crazy good cranberries” or something like that so I figured my pancakes could have some of that goodness on top. I simmered the leftover canned sauce,  fresh cranberries, some ginger powder, a splash of maple syrup, and orange and lemon juices while I was cooking the pancakes and let it cool and thicken and it was DELICIOUS. I think I inadvertently invented my new go to cranberry sauce…go me.


If that doesn’t say Thanksgiving to you, I don’t know what does. 😉 Just remember, I made these pancakes with plain old canned grocery store cranberry sauce and the pancakes were really good, so if you have any leftover artisinal or homemade sauce, I’m sure these pancakes could only be even better!

3.75 out of 5 stackies: stackiestackiestackie.75


1/2 C flour

pinch coarse salt

1 tsp sugar

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/3 C cranberry sauce

1 egg white

1/2 C milk

1/4 tsp vanilla

1/2 Tbs melted butter

zest of 1 lemon


(makes 4 pancakes)

Whisk together the flour, salt, sugar, and baking powder. Stir in the egg, milk, vanilla, butter, and zest.


Stir in the cranberry sauce. It doesn’t need to be perfectly blended in.


Heat a nonstick pan over medium low heat. Melt a little bit of butter in the pan and cook a scant 1/3 C batter at a time. Cook for about 2 minutes.


Flip and cook for another 2 minutes.


Top with extra cranberry sauce, maple syrup, or nuts. Enjoy!


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