Let Them Eat Crepe!

If you have a little bit of patience, a non-stick pan, and you’re looking to impress, you should definitely try this out.  (Get my directions here, and the ones I followed, here).

So it was my roommate C’s birthday this past week and we celebrated in true so-you-think-you-can-pancake fashion, with a crepe cake.  There are a couple of recipes floating around but this one seemed the most legit so I went with it.  It’s actually pretty simple to put together, just make a whole bunch of crepes, a big batch of pastry cream and start layering it up.

On a crepe note: While I’ve previously blogged about crepes (here), I think the crepes in this cake are slightly better – they definitely come out thinner and are a bit easier to whip up.

The original recipe calls for 20 cakes, but since C turned 24, I went with a 24-layer-crepe cake – it still used the same amount of ingredients as the original.

I thought there was actually a little too much cream for my taste but everyone else thought the cake was just right…so perhaps in this one circumstance my tastebuds were a little off…maybe…

(side view)

The recipe is pretty easy to follow and besides the Kirsch (cherry liqueur), all the ingredients are pretty basic.  I substituted some framboise (raspberry liqueur) and I’m pretty sure you can substitute almost any berry liqueur – the very helpful girl at the liquor store suggested that amaretto would also work…I’ll let you all try it out and let me know.

4.25 out of 5 stackies: