Churro De Mayo

¡Feliz cinco de mayo fanqueques! (that’s Spanish for Happy cinco de mayo fancakes…obvs)


So I just realized yesterday that cinco de mayo was today and churro pancakes were the first thing I thought of! I looked around on the internet a bit, but I wasn’t completely sold by anything I saw, so I figured I would just wing it.  (Here’s my recipe, it’s pretty awesome if I say so myself.)


No, seriously, I went through two iterations of this recipe, and I finally got it: that crunchy exterior of a churro, the soft fluffy inside of the perfect pancake, and that all-over cinnamon-sugar excellence.  Here are some things you make sure you do:

  • let the batter rest before you use it – the ingredients will do their own cooking magic thing and the pancakes will be really fluffy
  • make sure your oil is hot before you start, but don’t keep the stove too hot as you cook – you want the outside to get crispy but you need to keep the pancakes cooking for a few minutes so that the insides get done
  • top off the oil! I added more oil to the pan after ever 2 pancakes!
  • make sure you use caster sugar – it’s finer than regular granulated sugar – if you use granulated sugar (which I did the first time) the pancakes will taste sandy.


Heed my directions pancake grasshoppers, and be prepared to stuff your face.

4.25 out of 5 stackies:imageimageimageimageimage