The Blintzes Are Coming! The Blintzes Are Coming!

Hey everyone!  You’ll have to excuse my late posting, but I got totally caught up in some intense Mother’s Day cooking (for my mom) and the ‘ol pancake post was the victim.  Since Shavuot is coming up this week, I thought I’d follow my friend Josh’s mom’s excellent blintz recipe and whip up some of these awesome (kosher) pancake bundles of deliciousness.

The recipe is really easy to follow and I made the crepes (blintz skin) without any hassles (no torn, burnt, or otherwise maimed crepes).  I did choose to make the crepes just a tad thicker than I would normally since I knew these would be filled and rolled, and I just wanted something that could take some manhandling.

(a blintz mid-stuffing)

The crepes themselves are very plain, and even with the farmers cheese filling, they’re not very sweet.  I made mostly “regular” blintzes with just the cheese filling and ate them with strawberries.  I also made 1 “fancy” blintz by adding a layer of jam on top of the cheese.  I liked the blintzes both ways, but my roommate was staunchly opposed to anything with more than just the cheese filling (which I found to be a little plain).

All in all, I thought the blintzes were really good.  They were a little greasy (you basically cook them in butter twice) and the filling was a little grainy (which really is just the inherent texture of farmers cheese).  At first I was worried I had done something wrong, but my roommate, a seasoned blintz-eater, assured me that mine were authentic.  I would definitely give this recipe a try, the blintzes are fun to make and plenty filling.

3.75 out of 5 stackies: