Inaugural Address: A Tale of Tiramisu

Fellow citizens, I invite you to embark with me on a tantalizing tastebud tour – I will pancake where few have pancaked before…and I will tell you all about it.

What better way to kick things off than with an amazing-sounding Tiramisu Pancake! (To skip to the good stuff, my annotated recipe is here; and the original is over at The Ivory Hut.) Fair warning, that stack in the picture was just for good looks – I don’t think anyone could safely eat four of these puppies in one sitting. On the plus side, these taste great hot, at room temp, and even cold (it’s like eating an actual tiramisu).

Overall, these pancakes were bangin’, to say the least. They don’t have an overwhelming liqueur-y flavor that I sometimes have issues with when I eat real tiramisus, but you still get all of that rich creamy, coffee-y, kahlua-y goodness. Also on the plus side, they can stand up to a fair bit of recipe-shenanigans, actually a lot of shenanigans. In the making of these pancakes, I:

  1. melted/liquified the butter (instead of just using “softened” butter) so that the glaze had a really weird consistency (you’ll see in the picture) – I’m a little embarassed by this rookie mistake, but sometimes one just doesn’t have time to wait for the butter to melt or the cows to come home, but I digress
  2. overwhipped the cream (actually a sous chef error, I’m just sayin’)
  3. used actual coffee grinds instead of instant coffee
  4. did not sift the cocoa as per the original directions

It’s really a testament to these pancakes that despite all of my woops-oh-well-moments, they still turned out amazingly delicious: light (but filling), sweet (but not too sweet), and balanced (coffee-chocolate-cream-kahlua).  I was mostly impressed by how “light” these pancakes are – the batter looks super dense and I was worried the pancakes would feel like bricks in my belly, but they were definitely nice and fluffy.

I also have to give a shout-out to one of my college roommates, “A” (I’m feeling gossip girl), who happened to send me some homemade kahlua that inspired me to find a tiramisu pancake recipe in the first place. You can find her recipe here.

I’m officially giving these Tiramisu Pancakes: 3.5 out of 5 Stackies